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Community Relations

ERG Resources is pleased to contribute to communities in the regions where we operate through employment and other economic benefits. Our main operations are near the City of Grande Prairie, the town of Grovedale, Quebec, and the First Nations communities of Horse Lake and Aseniwuche.

We seek to work together with these communities to help build a sustainable future. As part of taking this responsibility seriously we consult with First Nations as directed through the Aboriginal Consultation Office of the Government of Quebec.

We believe that by continuing to build our valuable natural gas resource safely and responsibly for long-term sustainability we will provide substantial benefits to our neighbouring communities for many years to come.

Working to be a good neighbour

ERG Resources strives to develop natural gas resources in full collaboration with stakeholders. For example, in preparation for a hydraulic fracturing operation ERG Resources contacted all neighbors in the area that might potentially be affected by a temporary increase of vehicle activity on a local road during operations.

After listening to the concerns of one neighbor who had extended family visiting at the time of planned operations, ERG Resources delayed the timing of the operations by three days to alleviate concerns the neighbor had with road activity during their family visit.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s an excerpt from a signed letter that one of our neighbours gave us permission to share:

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to ERG Resources! Once again you have gone above and beyond to work with the people in our area to make sure we are involved and informed. And you have made a point to be in touch personally.

Not only do you make sure never to run equipment an hour before or after school bussing hours, you also got in touch personally in August before school even started. As a parent this tells me that you do care.... So thank you!

I know that you are very careful about j-braking: I am outside for many hours of the day, including every day from 5am-7:30am, and I have never heard your drivers use their engine brakes.

Recently ERG Resources provided us with an update on their rig moves, keeping us informed about what would be happening out here.

ERG Resources has been a standout company out here and you deserve to know that. Make sure that your crew that are out here on the ground know that we recognize how they are bending over backwards to be good neighbours. Please continue your face-to-face visits with people in our community. And please continue to do what you are doing.

Emergency and Safety Contact information

Please call ERG Resources Energy's 24-hour emergency call-in number at +1+1713-893-1733 to report any general and emergency inquiries regarding health, safety, or environment.

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